40th Anniversary of the Abbey Church Dedication

Featuring tours and an evening presentation by architects, contractors and members of the monastic community who were involved in the design and construction of the Church.



“Remembering Marcel Breuer”

Architect Robert F. Gatje will deliver the first Breuer lecture, based on his 23-year association with Breuer. Gatje’s book, Marcel Breuer A Memoir, was published in 2000.


“Art, Architecture and Sacred Space”

John Wesley Cook, President of The Henry Luce Foundation, will present the second Breuer lecture. Prior to becoming president of the foundation, he was the director of the Religion and Arts Program at Yale.



Breuer Centenary Exhibit Opening

Opening at Saint John’s Art Gallery on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Marcel Breuer, the exhibit feature photographs, models, drawings and furniture.


Breuer Architectural Symposium

This three-day symposium, planned in cooperation with the Minnesota chapter of the American Institute of Architects, will include the presentations by architects, authors and scholars, as well as the posthumous presentation of the Colman J. Barry Award for Distinguished Contributions to Religion and Society to Marcel Breuer.

For information or to register, call Stacy at (320) 363-2247, leave a message at (320) 363-2562 or email: [email protected]