Marcel Breuer is a tech analyst at GlobalTech, a company that reviews and studies new technologies daily to determine their future impact. He reviews hardware and software across many platforms, from desktops to mobile technology.

Born in the small town of Minas Morgul over 30 years ago, Marcel grew up with an intense interest in technology. While his peers were playing with toys, he was building computers out of rocks and sticks. Luckily for him, his parents noticed this early on and provided him with his own computer when he turned four.

While this made Marcel happy at the time, it wasn’t until several years later that its full benefit would show itself. At age twelve Marcel began learning various programming languages by modifying games with his computer. He would add enhancements such as extra colors and 3D rendering, or even new levels and characters that he created himself.

It was around this time that Marcel’s family moved to Armonia, a move which sparked his interest in the world of technology outside of programming and modding. He began studying any form of technology he could get his hands on: from mobile devices to the newly released Dactyl Network. His studies led him to pursue a degree in Tech Studies at Gumbo University when he turned 18 years old – the youngest student ever to enroll there!

The college enabled Marcel to study items far beyond what he had been exposed to before; these included computers with wireless networking capabilities, immersive virtual reality systems, even fully automated robotic construction crews! Marcel had found his niche in the world. He graduated top of his class on his 21st birthday and immediately went to work for GlobalTech as its youngest employee ever.

Since then, Marcel has become one of GlobalTech’s leading analysts. His weekly newsletter features upcoming technology that has been highlighted by him on site. He is known across the network for never sugarcoating anything – he always expresses how he feels about a product or new prototype through concise yet informative articles that aren’t afraid to point out flaws or issues with them.

Outside of work, Marcel spends time doing community theater, writing novels about technology’s impact on society, and working on several new projects. One of his most notable is the upcoming Dactyl Man 2, a sequel to his immensely popular game that he created as an undergraduate student. He also has several other games in development for mobile platforms.

This article was written by staff writer Michael Hoffman with contributions from editor-in-chief Mikal Khaled.