Marcel Breuer has extensive experience working with a vast number of different languages and platforms, including Java, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android. His current role at Microsoft is as Principal Program Manager for Mobile Developer Platform Tools.

Breuer’s position as a Principal Program Manager includes the broad responsibility to manage many aspects of software development tools for mobile devices. Accomplishments in this role include establishing program management practices that have enabled consistent releases of developer tools across multiple versioning schemes based on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

In addition to his work at Microsoft, Marcel Breuer is a well-known speaker who has lectured extensively about programming languages and methodologies.

Marcel Breuer has been named to the 2012-2013 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program for his contributions to enhancing its tools and technologies. He was also awarded the prestigious 2011 MVP Award for his significant community involvement and technology expertise. Marcel received this honor once again in 2013, making him one of only two developers worldwide who have received Microsoft MVP awards consecutively for four or more years.

As an early member of the Java team at Sun Microsystems, Breuer developed several key components of the first commercial implementation of J2EE (Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition), including: EJB (Enterprise Java), DII (Distributed Interface Implementation), the first EJB container, appserver and OR mapping services. He also developed software for several Java-related products including JavaGAT (GUI Application Test tool) used to test the early release of JDK (Java Development Kit). In addition, Breuer was a member of Sun’s Jini development team responsible for developing the hardware accelerated rendering engine in Sun’s implementation of Jini 2.0 Preview Release. At Netscape Communications Corp., he worked on professional multimedia player software including Netshow 2.0 player used in network distribution of AOL TV internet broadcasts and OnNet video conferencing solution deployed worldwide in hotel rooms via AT&T WorldNet Service.